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Katherine Puma                                           AEA-SAG/AFTRA

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10/19/2017 The Lafayette Salon Series:  READING:  The Village Bike


Uncanny County NEW Episode!

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                       Voicing the role of Ellen in The Ridgeway Motel, Season 2, Episode 1, 

                       by Nicole Greevy                                              

                       Ellen has spent her life trying to help her screw-up of a brother, Larry.

                       Or has she? At the Ridgeway Motel, she'll discover why he is who he is...

                       and it's not what she ever expected.

4/22/2017Shakespeare for Teachers Workshop - Empire State College.

4/10/2017The PlayGround Experiment: The C Word by Matthew Hardy, developmental reading.

3/27/2017The PlayGround Experiment: What Happened to Emmaline by Kimbery Kalaja, developmental reading.

2/27/2017The PlayGround Experiment: The C Word by Matthew Hardy, developmental reading.


REVIEW: An Empty Plate in the Cafe du Grand Boeuf 

"The play’s penultimate scene is breathtaking in its poignancy, thanks in large part to the radiant presence of Katherine Puma as Miss Berger..."  

Read the full review at: TCPalm

An Empty Plate in the Cafe du Grand Boeuf - Riverside Theatre, Vero Beach, FL
Appearing as Miss Berger.  Directed by Allen Cornell


Uncanny CountyNEW Episode!

                      Season 1, Episode 10, Home is Where the Spice Is, as Donna

                      Richardson, FBI Detective & Javalena Customer.  

                      Written by Todd Faulkner.
                      Any similarity to any person or coffee company living, dead, or simply                            delicious, is purely coincidental.




Go Tell It On Twitter #RichardIIIisBloodyGood - Brooklyn Daily Eagle Review

"R.J. Foster makes it very worth your while..." "Queen Elizabeth (Katherine Puma) handled superbly"

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Richard III at Gallery Players, Park Slope, Brooklyn

Playing Queen Elizabeth in Richard III.  Directed by Robin Leslie Brown.  With R. J. Foster as Richard III.

For tickets:

China Lights Buffet - NYU Student Film

Written and Directed by Jamie Dack
Playing the Nurse in this short film about 25-year-old Allie Schaefer, who is spending the summer in a treatment center for depression and her relationship with her Father.
Shooting in Ramsay, NJ


Rehearsals begin for Richard III at Gallery Players, Brooklyn, NY

Playing Queen Elizabeth in Shakespeare's Richard III with Gallery Players
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More information at


Uncanny County, Season 1, Episode 5, voicing the role of  Amy in Irreconcilable Differences. Written by Alison Crane.

                          When Calvin is unexpectedly released from prison, his new wife, Amy,

                          disappears. Calvin's desperate search for his bride reveals Amy's dark

                          secret and leads to a deadly confrontation...with Jake.

                           Uncanny County is a Podcast Series created by Todd Faulkner and

                           Alison Crane.  Paranormal tales from the twisted corners of the                                       American Dream.  Available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play...                             and standing right behind you.